Georgia Northern Winter Palm Trees

There is a common mis-conception that no palm trees can survive and thrive north of south Georgia, and yet there are Georgia Northern Winter palm trees that can not only survive the winters, but actually thrive if given the proper care and nourishment. Many types of palm trees are much better suited to places like South Georgia, Florida and tropical type environments, but Bullock Palms of Georgia grows and sells the and windmill palm, which is a Georgia northern winter palm tree. Most palm trees purchased in North Georgia are shipped in from Florida but ours are growth in containers or field grown right here Hartwell, Ga.

This palm tree can survive cold and wind up to around 0 to 5 degrees, and while an occasional winter in North Georgia or South Carolina/Tennessee may dip below these numbers, with the right care and precautions your windmill palm will survive those brutal temperatures. When you purchase a Georgia northern winter palm tree from Bullock Palms of Georgia we can deliver the palm trees directly to you if the order is large enough and then give you tips and tricks for nourishment and care, including how to protect your palm trees during extreme cold temperatures.

​So, whether you’re looking for just one tree,(pickup only for small orders), to bring a calming sense to your front yard or a collection of palm trees to create an exotic experience around your pool or backyard landscape, Bullock Palms of Georgia is here to meet all of your Georgia northern winter palm tree needs. So, give us a call today to see what types of trees we have available and how we can help you create that palm tree paradise that you’ve been wanting. Bullock Palms of Georgia is here for you!