Atlanta Palm Trees

People consistently ask: can palm trees survive in Georgia or South Carolina? Will my palm tree survive a winter as an Atlanta Palm tree? The answer is: absolutely! With the right kind of palm tree and with the correct precautions and care, Atlanta palm trees not only survive but can thrive. 

As a grower of cold hardy palm trees, including windmill palms and pindo palms, we specialize in helping you get your Atlanta palm trees installed and flourishing! We’ll deliver your palm tree or trees to your property, install them correctly and then go over instructions with you on how to properly care for your Atlanta palm trees, whether it be keeping it safe during a freeze, fertilizing it, or the amount of care and water to give it. 

Atlanta palm trees are generally windmill palms or pindo palms, both of which can survive temperatures down to 8-10 degrees F. And even with chills below that with the proper care and control, you can protect your palm trees and see them survive and thrive in the Atlanta, North Georgia, and South Carolina area. 

​So, give us a call today to get started with your Atlanta palm trees or contact us here to begin creating your own oasis!