Georgia Palm Trees

Are you looking for Georgia palm trees? Well, look no further… Here at Bullock Palms of Georgia we not only raise and sell Georgia palm trees, but we also deliver and install them directly to you. Whether you’re looking to add a tropical feel to your pool or patio area, brighten up your landscape, or just simply love the exotic effect that palm trees bring we’re here to assist you through the entire experience. 

Georgia isn’t exactly known for it’s palm trees, but there are certain types of palm trees, specifically windmill palms and pindo palms that not only will survive in Georgia soil, but absolutely thrive under the right circumstances and with the proper care. Bullock Palms of Georgia is committed to bringing our customers beautiful, high-quality palm trees that have the highest survival rate in Georgia and South Carolina as well as the entire southeast. Most palm tree retailers will sell you a palm tree, but at Bullock Palms of Georgia we deliver and install your palm tree or trees at no extra costs to you! 

​So, contact us today about your next Georgia palm tree and let us guide you through the process of picking out the palm trees that are perfect for you and your personal environment. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the entire experience of acquiring your very own Georgia palm trees