Palm Tree Sales in Georgia

As a Georgia resident you certainly don’t have to drive to Florida to buy your very own palm tree. Palm tree sales in Georgia are not that rare, and we at Bullock Palms of Georgia are one of the leaders in the state. We sell palm trees to residents and businesses not just in Georgia, but in surrounding states as well including South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama. What sets Bullock Palms of Georgia apart is the fact that we grow our own trees, sell our own trees and then deliver our trees directly to you and help you install it! So, you are completely set up and happy without having to do any of the work yourself! 

Palm tree sales in Georgia have skyrocketed in recent years due to the rise of the exotic or tropical look that people are wanting around their pools, decks, patios, landscapes, etc. And with that need for palm trees, people assume they must visit Florida to purchase their perfect palm tree or trees. But the windmill palm and pindo palm tree are both perfect cold hardy palms that thrive in North Georgia and South Carolina. So, make your palm tree sale in Georgia by calling us at Bullock Palms of Georgia. 

​We’ve helped hundreds of other customers, both residential and commercial set up, install, and care for their palm trees and we can help you as well! Palm tree sales in Georgia are on the rise, and you don’t have to look out of state to buy yours. Contact us today to get the conversation going and see just how easy it is to purchase a palm tree in Georgia!