Planting Palm Trees in Georgia Soil

One of the most frequented searches in Google related to palm trees and the state of Georgia is: Planting palm trees in Georgia soil. With Bullock Palms of Georgia, you don’t have to worry about planting or installing your palm trees, because we take care of all that for you. When you purchase a windmill palm or pindo palm from Bullock Palms, you’re not only purchasing the tree, but you’re purchasing the expertise and craftsmanship to show you how to care for your palm tree as well as the commitment to plant your palm tree for you.

We deliver your Atlanta palm trees directly to your property, and install them by planting your palm tree directly into the soil for you. So, the hardest part about getting your palm trees is just picking out which tree or trees is right for you.

We show you the steps to take to be sure that you’re correctly preparing your property to plant your palm trees in Georgia soil. So, when we arrive, we quickly and efficiently install your palm trees exactly where you want them. With the Georgia clay, we take extra precautions by adding the right amount of sand to the spot where the tree will sit and to outfit the area with fertilizer as well. 

​So, while the thought of planting palm trees in Georgia soil may sound a bit tedious or questionable. There is no need to worry with Bullock Palms of Georgia. We’re here to help guide you in all the correct palm tree decisions. Contact us today to get started with your Atlanta palm tree project. We’ve helped hundreds before you create their perfect oasis and we can help you create yours!